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Darrell Jumbo
Darrell "Elephant Man" Jumbo
   Darrell "Elephant Man" Jumbo is well known for his whimsical and comical figures. He studied under Norbert Peshlakai and is a 2006 SWAIA Fellowship recipient.
   "In regards to my profession, the world of art has no boundaries. Our lives are not linear; we are influenced by what revolves around us. In between, there is balance and beauty, and based on these reasons my work has static and reflects spontaneity towards life.
   In my designs, I employ without discrimination. Thus, I believe according to our Creator, everything has a purpose. Based on my beliefs I enjoy giving forth a variety of techniques from: stamp work, fusing, overlay, in-lay, reticulation, granulation, texturing, forging, stretching, sinking, and etc. My employment with a variety of these techniques on an individual piece brings out its own uniqueness.
   Art has no boundaries, and with a grace of balance and beauty, I'm free to achieve my dreams and ambition on metal , and precious stones."-Darrell "Elephant Man" Jumbo
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